How Does Vitapulse Vitamin Blend And Music Heal The Heart?

Tue 05 April 2016
Updated: Mon 02 May 2016

Heart attacks and irregular cardiac functions are some of the great concerns for generations of the modern world. Exposure to the sedentary lifestyle, stiff working schedule, a bad diet and poor lifestyle in general increases blood cholesterol levels raising the risk of cardiac arrests. As a common health impediment, there are various solutions suggested for managing the problem. From meal plans to injections and supplements, finding medication for heart health should not be a daunting task. However, not all offers you run into depict desirable characteristics. It is therefore important to keenly review each product before you use them. Vitapulse is one of the new age solutions offered for heart health and managing heart problems. Here is a descriptive review of the product including its ingredients, benefits and mode of work:

What Is Vitapulse?


Viapulse is basically a heart health supplement provided by Princeton Nutrients to deliver various benefits that range from increased energy to improved memory and better moods. Some of the nutrients found in foods that you already consume are also present in vitapulse, however, the supplement is mainly designed to prevent heart attacks and streamline cardiac functions.

As a heart medication, vitapulse contains several ingredients known to enhance cardiac functions and reduce toxins that cause heart attack. Some of the ingredients you will find in this supplement include NAC, CoQ10 and PQQ. These are the main ingredients that are combined to produce all the benefits you find from Vitapulse.

• N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – This ingredient is derived from the amino acid known as L-cysteine and has been used for Tylenol poisoning and various lung disorders. It is also suggested to have many benefits to heart health especially when delivered alongside nitroglycerine and streptokinase.

• CoQ10 – Is a vitamin resembling substance naturally occurring in every cell in the body. Although the addition of CoQ10 in vitapulse is controversial, and its benefits towards preventing heart attack contested, its combination with the other two ingredients is said to be quite helpful.

• Pyrroloquinoline quinine (PPQ) – This substance was discovered back in 1979 and occurs in various foods mainly papaya, green tea and soy. It is said to spur re-growth of mitochondria at the cellular level and therefore increases cellular energy.

Vitapulse Working To Prevent Heart Attacks

The vitapulse benefits are quite obvious and straightforward and can be identified from the actions of ingredients in the formula. NAC has been shown to promote heart health in patients with low HDL while PPQ increases the mitochondria count and therefore increases energy levels. Its prime benefits include improved cardiovascular functions, improved cholesterol balance, slackened inflammation and neurological improvements. Other benefits include sharper memory, better moods and reduced body fat.

NAC, CoQ10 and PQQ are powerful antioxidants that remove toxins and radicals that pose a threat to heart health. They also minimize cellular damage and threats while preventing inflammation. Heart attacks are primarily caused by increase in blood toxins and oxidants as well as high cholesterol. The formula removes oxidants and radicals while cutting down body fat thus reducing the chances of suffering heart attacks.

It is advisable to consider medical examination before you use vitapulse. This will identify any risk of counteraction especially if you are under other meds of have an underlying medical condition. You should also purchase the supplement from credible licensed retailers allowed to offer the product.